The dog’s Thanksgiving feast

The holiday season is upon us as Thanksgiving approaches this week. When we think of Thanksgiving, we most likely think of family getting together over a big feast of turkey, stuffing, all kinds of salads and do not forget the desserts! For our pets, however, this feast can be hazardous. Keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving by following these tips:

  1. Gobble down some turkey

    If you want to give your dog a little nibble of some turkey, that is okay. Just be sure that you give them a piece that is fully cooked and completely boneless. Undercooked or raw meat can give them salmonella, and bones can cause internal damage, cause them to choke, etc. If you would not eat it, your dog should not eat it.

  2. Hold the herbs

    We use them in our dishes to make food more delicious, but herbs can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression in pets. Steer clear of feeding your dog traditional Thanksgiving food items such as stuffing that usually contain herbs such as sage.

  3. Also hold the bread dough

    Raw bread dough is an absolute “no” when it comes to giving some to your dog. Due to the dog’s body heat, the dough can actually rise in their stomach. You can conclude on your own that this would not be a fun experience for anyone and would put your dog through lots of pain and misery.

  4. Sorry pups, no cake

    Do not let your dog eat cake batter. Most cakes call for eggs, which could lead to your dog getting salmonella.

  5. Just a little bit

    Keeping these things in mind, it is okay to let your dog eat a taste of this and a taste of that. But be sure to cut them off before they eat too much. Too much human food for your dog could cause them to have an upset stomach, which is no fun for anyone.

One tip that the ASPCA suggests is giving your dog a bite of turkey and maybe some mashed potatoes inside a kong or chew toy. This will not only give your dog a treat, they will be focused on their own food instead of looking for droppings while you eat.

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