Grooming and probiotics can help with dog yeast problems

It is not uncommon for a dog to get a yeast infection. Mainly, dogs tend to get yeast infections in their ears. With proper dog grooming and probiotics, you can help your dog protect and heal itself.

The following are symptoms of yeast problems for your dog:

  • Rash
  • Licking/chewing feet and legs
  • Hair loss/shedding
  • Foul odor
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Rash with itchy ears and eyes
  • Dark, rough or thickening skin
  • Dry and flaky or oily skin
  • Fatigue

If your dog is experiencing the above symptoms, some may say to get them on some antibiotics. However, antibiotics kill all of the bacteria in your dog’s body. This includes all of the good bacteria as well. Basically, antibiotics treat the symptoms at the surface level and do not take care of the fundamental problem, which usually results in the infection returning after antibiotic use stops.

An alternative to antibiotics are probiotics. Adding probiotics to your dog’s diet once confronted with a yeast problem will help control the yeast in their system, eventually making the problem disappear. Also, put your dog on a diet that inhibits yeast. This type of diet will be one that is free from grains and carbohydrates because grains and carbohydrates allow yeast to ferment. It is important to note that it is completely healthy for your dog to be on an anti-yeast diet as they do not need carbohydrates to be healthy.

To avoid a yeast problem all together or prevent another, be sure to have your dog groomed regularly. Keeping your dog clean will result in better health all around, including when it comes to yeast problems.

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