Dog grooming at the Dog Shop

Every dog grooming shop is unique in some way. The Dog Shop in Vancouver, Washington provides many different unique and positive features.

It all starts with the employees.

Jessica Spyker and Danielle Cruz, owners of The Dog Shop, agree that their employees are happy employees who get along well, which provides a positive atmosphere for the dogs as well as their owners. Having happy employees shows what kind of a business the Dog Shop truly is.

It is well-known that grooming your dog is an important part of having a happy, healthy pet. Danielle says that grooming is important for the dog’s overall health and well-being as well as that of the owner. Things such as maintaining groomed toenails ranks high on the list of priorities because toenails that are not maintained can lead to paw problems, which can eventually lead to spine problems. Jessica added that grooming your dog positively affects your relationship with your dog as well. When your pet is clean, you are more apt to cuddle with them, which helps your bond grow.

Jessica and Danielle recommend getting your dog groomed every 6-8 weeks while using the correct products and feeding your dog the right foods at home. The duo stated that if the owner has confidence in grooming their pet at home, they absolutely should. However, they noted that you should be cautious of your comfort level and do not exceed it as it could have negative results for you and your dog. The one thing every dog owner can do, though, is give their pet plenty of exercise. Well exercised dogs are happier dogs in general. Danielle also said to research the breed of dog you own and learn how to care for your dog accurately.

From their unique perspectives to the way they groom each dog, The Dog Shop provides a high quality experience for every dog and owner. The next time your dog is in need of grooming, be sure to contact The Dog Shop.

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