Keep your dog safe this Halloween

Costumes, candy, Jack-o-Lanterns, oh my! It’s that time of year again – Halloween. While it can be a fun and spooky night, it can also become a very scary night if safety precautions are not taken with your dog. Keeping the following in mind can help prevent any harm being done unintentionally to your pet as you celebrate Halloween.

  1. No Chocolate

    We have all heard that chocolate and pups don’t mix. It is important to make sure you adhere to this rule when candy is scattered everywhere throughout your house, on streets, etc. Chocolate can be extremely harmful to dogs, sometimes even fatal. Keep your dog away from candy, store the candy out of reach of him/her, etc.

    Feeling bad that you have lots of treats and your dog has none? Buy them a special treat just for Halloween night!

  2. Jack-o-Lanterns – Perfect Decorations or Perfect Fire Hazards?

    Jack-o-Lanterns are great, traditional Halloween decorations. However, if you put a candle in your pumpkin, be careful. Dogs don’t know not to knock things over with their “I’m-so-excited” tail-wagging. Knocking over a Jack-o-Lantern with a lit candle in it can start a fire.

  3. Wires and Cords

    With all the Halloween decorations both inside and outside your home, there are bound to be many more wires and cords laying around. Even though your dog might think these all make great chew toys, they’re not. Keep a watchful eye on your dog to make sure they’re not chewing on any wires or cords as they could injure themselves.

  4. Costumes – Yes, They Are Cute

    We know you’ve seen all of those cute costumes for your dog to wear this Halloween. Maybe you even bought one (or 10) for them already. In any case, trying on the outfit before Halloween night will be a plus for you and your pup. You’ll be able to tell if your dog is uncomfortable, needs a different size, etc.

    It’s important to note that the costume does not have any loose pieces, large pieces that can get your dog tangled up, small pieces they can chew on, etc. Overall, make sure the costume fits and your dog is comfortable and safe.

  5. Noise and Anxiety

    The doorbell will be ringing continually with trick-or-treaters if you leave your light on, scary noises will be playing as you walk by spooky houses and chances are your dog will become anxiety ridden. If your dog is showing signs of anxiety due to noise, think about not taking them out on Halloween night, putting up a baby gate so they feel safe in an area while you’re still with them, or if you have a small dog, hold them so they feel safe in your arms.


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