Don’t wait for the heat to kick in, see a dog groomer today!

Now that summer is here the time to go out on adventures with your four legged friend has arrived. Although the weather may be perfect for outdoor shenanigans don’t forget that while you can remove your coat in the summer heat, your best pal cannot. If your dog’s coat has gone some time without proper grooming, then the summer heat will bear down on them with much greater ferocity and your dog may grow fatigued much more easily. This is especially true for dogs with a double coat, as clumpy fur and mats can decrease air circulation which can make your little pal a bit warm and uncomfortable. If your canine companion’s fur grew out over the winter, you may wish to consider taking your dog in for a proper grooming at your local dog groomer.

Just like with humans, your dog will get the benefit of feeling cooler during the summer heat with a properly trimmed and groomed coat. Unlike humans however who only get the hair on their head cut, our dogs get their entire body trimmed. If keeping your hair maintained helps with the summer time weather, just imagine how it will make your dog feel. By taking your furry pal to see a dog groomer for regularly scheduled grooming sessions, especially during the summer months, you will help them feel much more comfortable and energetic when you take them along on your outdoor adventures.

If you feel your dog’s coat is too matted and mangled to properly keep them cool in the summer heat, come and schedule an appointment with your local dog groomer here at the The Dog Shop. It’s our specialty to make sure your dog is as comfortable and clean as they can be!

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