You groom yourself, why wouldn’t you groom your dog?


As humans, we bathe and groom ourselves on a daily basis. When we don’t, we say we feel gross. Our dogs need to be clean, too. Dogs roll around in the grass and dirt, which can easily get stuck in the hair. Other airborne particles like pollen get stuck in their hair as well. Then our dogs come inside, we pet them, they sit on our floors, furniture and sleep in our beds. All of those particles stuck in their hair are then transferred to you, your furniture, your carpet, your bed…you get the picture. Needless to say, your dogs need to be clean, too. See ASPCA’s website for information on how often to bathe your dog, strategies for bathing your dog and more.

Help Discover Problems

When dog’s hair is left untamed for too long, it becomes matted and tangled. Matted hair on dogs can hide objects that are stuck, bumps/lumps, etc. Also, bacterial and fungal skin infections are more common when air cannot reach the skin. When your dog is groomed regularly, you notice how their body and skin looks, making it easier to detect any unwanted conditions. Plus, the groomers know what to look out for and can catch conditions sooner, saving you veterinary costs in the long run.

Avoid pain and discomfort

Like humans, dogs’ nails need to be clipped. If a dog’s toenails get too long, they can curl up into the pad of their feet, making walking painful and can lead to their structural alignment being misaligned. Also, if the hair on their feet is not groomed, it can grow through their toes and ball up, making it feel like there are rocks stuck in their feet. Overall, this would cause your dog pain and discomfort.

They are more likely to be reported found if lost

Oftentimes, if we see a dog on the street that looks like it hasn’t been groomed, we keep walking/driving/riding by without even thinking that dog could have a home. If the dog looks clean cut and groomed, we are likely to report it as missing, check for tags, etc. Keep your dog groomed in case they ever get lost so you have a higher chance of being reunited with them.


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