As Dog groomers in Vancouver, WA, we are honored to have our second review on yelp

We are Dog groomers in Vancouver, WA and are honored to have our second review on yelp.  Thanks to Melissa M. for her thoughtful review:

This place is a diamond in the ruff! After my old groomer moved too far away, I came to the conclusion that it isn’t easy to find a dog groomer you can trust.

It’s very important to me to find a groomer to treat my little guy like the member of the family he is. After a couple bad experiences, I came across The Dog Shop flyer while hangin’ with my pup at The Dakota Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park.

I checked them out online and discovered that though Jessica and Danielle have a ton of grooming experience, this small business had only been open a month. I decided that it was time to give them a try (my little guy was in major need of a summer cut).  When I called to make the appointment, I was able to bring him in the same day.

When we arrived it was a clean, and friendly environment. I love the fact that the dogs can roam freely (but safely) while they are there. Non of the dogs seemed to be stressed out at all. My guy was a little apprehensive to go back at first, but when he saw the other pups hangin’ out, he got excited.

I picked him up about three hours later, and he was just laying on the floor observing what was going on. He was excited to see me, but didn’t have the distressed “SAVE ME” look I’ve seen before. His cut looked great, and was a VERY reasonable price for the stress free service provided.

Jessica and Danielle are great!!   I will recommend them to anyone looking for a better groomer.  So happy you two opened this shop up!!!

– Melissa M.


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