They may not require our grooming services, but…

Vancouver dog groomers are happy to see corporate farms starting to treat their animals in a more civilized way.  They  may not require our grooming services, but they are dog-like in many ways.


McDonald’s Seeks Pampered Pigs

Pigging out at McDonald’s will be better in the future, now that America’s top fast food chain has demanded that farmers let their pigs out of gestation crates by 2022.

McDonald’s joined Wendy’s, Hormel Foods Corps., and other pork power-brokers in demanding that their pork suppliers phase out gestation crates, which are 7-foot by 2-foot cages that hold pregnant sows before they give birth. In 2007, the largest U.S. pork producer, Smithfield Foods, announced that they would phase out gestation crates because of public opinion that the crates were inhumane, reported the Washington Post.

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Image: Pig and piglets in a farrowing crate (Maqi, Wikimedia Commons)


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