The Dog Shop offers quality dog grooming in Vancouver

The Dog Shop offers quality grooming in Vancouver, WA.  We’re happy to have our first Yelp Review!  Thanks, Scott C.

A few of weeks ago I was out to grab some dog food from my favorite shop to do so, Natural Pet NW. I noticed that a dog grooming shop was going to be opening up right next door so I figured I’d take my dog, Geordi, in to get groomed because he was getting scruffy, maybe even mangy! OK not mangy, but he needed a hair cut so bad. I got the information for the shop and booked an appointment for today and took Geordi over for his grooming. There were two groomers on duty, Danielle and Jessica, they were super friendly and personable. We chatted with them for a bit and we found out they’d been working together for years and it definitely shows. They let the dogs run free around the shop which is very different from what I am used to. It is secure so the dogs can’t run away but the dogs can hang out and they weren’t restricted to kennels. They do have kennels available for dogs that need them or owners that prefer them though. My previous groomer had just used kennels and I never felt quite right about it. I always felt rushed to come get Geordi so he wasn’t stuck in a kennel.

Danielle was the groomer who groomed our dog. To be honest I didn’t know that our dog could get any more adorable and handsome! I never know the way to describe how to groom Geordi using proper terminology but Danielle was very intuitive and knowledgeable and patiently helped figure out the mental image I was trying to extract from my mind. She did an wonderful and amazing job! I can’t say it enough! Also Geordi didn’t seem stressed out from the experience whatsoever. She was even very understanding and forgiving of the fact that Geordi had more than the average number of accidents while at the shop. The price was also very reasonable especially for the quality of the work done.

I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a groomer or if you’re not completely satisfied with your current one (like me). I’ll definitely be taking Geordi back as needed. Did I mention they even had out some free donuts for customers? I’m not too proud to eat a doughnut, especially a free one!


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