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Dog companionship – It benefits everyone

We have all heard the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. It has been proven that having a dog puts you in a better mood, encourages you to exercise more, helps relieve stress, and more. But, if you do not care well enough for your dog, that potential level of companionship can […]

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Summer Dog Care

As the temperatures begin to rise, we pull out our shorts and tank tops as well as our swimsuits. What do we need to do to care for our dogs in the summer weather? We provide you with 10 tips based off Cesar Millan’s Top Summer Tips. Exercise early in the morning or later at […]

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Need a Dogtor?

Need a Dogtor?

Need a Dogtor?  What about a Dog groomer in Vancouver, Washington? Our shop is nearing its third week and we are busier than projected… stay tuned; our open hours could be increasing. (via: sherlock-pug) (Source: https://dogshopnw.com/)

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We are not accepting new clients and are by appointment only