4 Out of 5 Dogs Prefer Chewing Bones to Flossing

We are dog groomers in vancouver, WA; we put your dog’s health first.  While it’s nice to have an alternative to flossing, brushing is the habit you want to pay attention to.

Teeth brushing can be very helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene for your best friend, however the dog shop does NOT offer this service. We believe this, in order to be any help to you and your dog, needs to be done much more regularly than only every two to four months. we recommend consulting your vet for a teeth cleaning schedule to fit your pets individual needs.

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4 Out of 5 Dogs Prefer Chewing Bones to Flossing

A new study from the American Dental Association indicates that 4 out of 5 canines prefer chewing bones to flossing as part of a healthy dental regimen.  ”Dogs just don’t like floss. Can’t work it,” said Natalie Willing, a spokesperson for the ADA.

On the other hand, said Willing, they go absolutely bananas for bones.  Many will chew on bones all day if allowed.  What’s their preferred brand of bone?  Anything “animal,” according to the survey.

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